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Louis Vuitton invites itself to Jordan for its new campaign

Entitled "Towards a Dream", this new campaign features children playing in the sumptuous setting of the Wadi Rum desert and the ancient city of Petra, in Jordan. 

Sober but impressive, and with a touch of genuine innocence, this is how one could describe the photos of Louis Vuitton‘s new campaign “Towards a Dream“, shot in Jordan. Captured by Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen, the shots feature Jordanian children playing among the ancient remains of the city of Petra and the sand dunes of the Wadi Rum desert


Jordan kids playing among the remains of Petra


Only the traditional Louis Vuitton trunks and suitcases complete this decor, which combines perfectly with the brown colors, typical of the French fashion house

On its website, the Maison Louis Vuitton specifies why Jordan was the chosen destination for this campaign: “Wonders of man and nature, the archaeological site of Petra and the desert valley of Wadi Rum in Jordan become the playground of discovery for young local schoolchildren.”

One might even wonder if this campaign is really promoting the brand, or rather Jordan!


In Wadi Rum desert