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Marrakech: the Bahia Palace, between flowered patios and Moroccan crafts

Visitors passing by are unanimous: the Bahia Palace of Marrakech is of a striking beauty. And for good reason, once inside the palace, the immersion in the Arab-Andalusian atmosphere is immediate. Green patios, shaded courtyards and Moroccan craftsmanship intertwine to dazzle us. A building to visit absolutely during a stay in Marrakech!


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An emblematic monument

It is in the south of the medina of Marrakech, that the Bahia palace – built in the 19th century – opens its doors to you. The story goes that this sumptuous building was built for the vizier Si Moussa, who was determined to spoil his many wives. “Bahia” means “the beautiful” in French. A tribute to his favorite wife? If the mystery remains, one thing is sure, the Bahia Palace is among the most luxurious residences in Morocco. The place, known for its 160 richly decorated rooms, would welcome King Mohammed VI and his family during their trips to Marrakech.  

Sumptuous materials


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To visit the Bahia Palace is also to discover the extent of Moroccan craftsmanship. The earthenware comes from the city of Tetouan, and the cedar wood – painted and carved – comes from the Atlas Mountains. To these noble materials is added the zellige. A typically Moroccan decorative tile, to contemplate in the charming patios. The highlight of the show is in the large courtyard, where the zelliges are combined with Carrara marble, extracted from the Italian Alps. Breathtaking!

Enchanting gardens


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Find all the charm of Arab-Andalusian architecture in the outdoor spaces: stone fountains, fluted columns, floors decorated with mosaics… And of course, the gardens which abound with orange trees, banana trees and jasmine flowers with an intoxicating scent. At the Bahia Palace, all the senses are awakened, especially the sight when you reach the Great Court of 1500 m2.

An architectural beauty that earned the building national heritage status in 1924.