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Memes: the best detour of Bernie Sanders and his mittens

The image of the American politician Bernie Sanders wrapped up, trying to warm up at the inauguration of Joe Biden, has traveled around the world, accompanied by numerous hijackings, commonly called “memes” by Internet users. And the Arab world has not escaped the trend of the #BernieSits?

Everyone is pitching in, offering a new distorted version of Bernie Sanders’ picture of him in a stuffed jacket and mittens, sitting cross-legged, trying to keep warm during the inauguration speech of the new American president Joe Biden. And, as the Arab world is no exception to the rule, here is a small anthology of the best “oriental” hijackings of the said photo

Spectator of the meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron and Lebanese music legend Fairouz :

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At a traditional wedding, refusing to participate in the dabke, the famous folk dance of the Levant

As an improvised bookseller

Alongside another legend, Oum Kalthoum : 

Fishing on the most famous bridge in Istanbul

Or even at the table, during an even more famous meal

A very diverse “meme campaign which, beyond its funny aspect, will at least have had the merit of being useful. Capable of self-derision, the member of the House of Representatives marketed all sorts of derivative products: hoodies, mugs, etc. and collected no less than 1.8 million dollars, which will subsequently be donated to charities

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Published on 8 February 2021