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Misk Global Forum 2019: what to expect?

Next week in Riyadh, the 2019 edition of the MiSk Global Forum (MGF) will be held. Entitled “Work, Reworked”, the forum will focus this year on the evolution of the world of work and its involvement with youth, through conferences, workshops, and demonstrations of all kinds.

To discover new trends and transformations in the world of work, taking into account the differences in impact between regions and the urban-rural divide. This will be the challenge that MGF 2019 will try to meet during the two days of exchanges scheduled for next week. Ultimately, the MiSk Foundation always pursues the same objective: to give young people the knowledge and skills they need to make the best decisions.

Imagine the world of work of tomorrow

To address the challenges of the new era of work, the organizers have chosen to divide the debates into three main themes: workforce, workflow, and workplace.

On the first theme’s side, the challenge is to respond to the fact that two-thirds of students will one day occupy positions that do not yet exist, and therefore to prepare them for this transformation, by developing new and better-adapted skills. The second theme must respond to the challenge of technology, the all-connected, and the efficiency requirements that go with it. The third, finally, must learn to use the new tools at its disposal (data, technology, design, and collaboration) to reshape the workplace to offer new objectives and greater work efficiency.

Who will be the best entrepreneur?

In parallel with the speeches, round tables, debates, and other interventions, the world final of the Entrepreneurship World Cup will be held. This competition, organized by the MiSk Foundation, aims to help young entrepreneurs through a virtual accelerator program, global networking, and, for the winners, prizes that can have a significant impact on the trajectory of their startups.

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Published on 8 November 2019


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