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The king of Saudi music Mohammed Abdu charms audiences in Riyadh

Riyadh’s youth has a new hangout. In a move which was unimaginable just a few months ago, the King Fahd Cultural Center now holds a concert every Wednesday. On November 16, the iconic Mohammed Abdu performed to a full audience of youthful Saudis as they rediscover the joys of live music.

For a few months now, the newly established General Authority for Entertainment has encouraged more shows to be held in Saudi Arabia: Yanni, famous Greek composer, has just announced four live dates, between Jeddah and the capital Riyadh. These events, notably live music, are increasingly present within the Kingdom, a change taking place in line with the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s plan, Vision 2030.

Les food-trucks devant la salle de concert.

Food trucks outside the concert

La presse du Golfe attend Mohamed Abduh dans la salle de presse.

Gulf press awaits Mohammed Abdu in the press room

Mohamed Abduh, le roi de la musique saoudienne devant les caméras

The singer, dubbed the “Artist of the Arabs” takes the stage

Sultan Al Gahtani, un des représentant de l’Autorité du divertissement, assure que ce ne sont que les prémices d’une programmation riche destinée à la jeunesse saoudienne.

Sultan Al Gahtani, a representative of the General Authority for Entertainment, asserts that this is but a small taste of a fuller program which targets Saudi youth