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Morocco enters the e-health industry

Struck like the rest of the world by the Covid-19 pandemic, Morocco wants to rethink its entire health system. To this end, the kingdom has just opened its first Health Digital Factory, designed to offer innovative solutions for the digitalization of health systems. 

What if Morocco became the next research and development hub for heatlh-tech? This is the ambition of the new partnership signed this month between the Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences and the Moroccan group ABA Technology, specialized in IoT and electronics.

This 100% Moroccan partnership aims to develop four components of e-health (or health tech):


1. Health Digital Factory 

The creation of the first Health Digital Factory in Morocco, which will offer digital and innovative solutions to facilitate the e-health industry, data management and provide digital support to hospitals;


2. Industrialization of medical devices 

Industrialization and development of new e-health products and other connected medical devices Made in Morocco, as well as the facilitation of telemedicine, among others;


3. A Biotech 4.0 platform 

The creation and implementation of a Biotech 4.0 Platform will facilitate and accelerate innovations in biotechnology, but also the research and development of quality control of industrialists, as well as the development of advanced professional training in Biotechnology;


4. Creation and development of new companies in the health field 

This new partnership also aims to create, in the coming years, a think-act to rethink the economic models of industrial and technological operations in the health field. In the long term, this think-act will identify the type of connected objects and other electronic measures capable of providing effective care. 

Morocco is thus concretely committing itself to the path of health-tech: an important step towards the discovery of good practices useful to other countries?