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Mosaad Aldossary: “In Saudi Arabia, every family has a video game console.”

In a few years, this young Saudi has made a name for himself in the world of video games. After being named “World’s Best FIFA Player” in London last summer and again more recently in Manchester, we met Mosaad Aldossary at the Misk Global Forum 2018. He hopes to see e-sport become more important in Saudi Arabia and internationally in the near future.

“Megabit”, “Kurt0411”, “StefanoPinna”… All tried to dethrone him, but to no avail. In a few joystick moves, Mosaad Aldossary, better known in the video game world under the nickname “Msdossary”, has established himself as the best player in the world. At only 18 years old, Mosaad is living a waking dream “I still don’t realize that I am the champion and I guess this title means a lot, so what can I say besides thank God ?” During the Misk Global Forum 2018, the professional player who traded in his sports jersey for a qamis shared with us his passion and feelings about his new life.

A coronation that resonates like a national pride

Behind his blissful smile and bright eyes, Mosaad gradually became aware of what his victories meant. With his title at the FIFA Interactive World Cup in London last summer and his victory at the FUT Champions Cup in Manchester at the end of 2018, “Msdossary” is the second Saudi Arabian to have his name on the FIFA competition’s list of winners. While in 2015, his compatriot Abdulaziz Alshehri won the same cup, today the young professional feels lucky and proud to have won under the Saudi Arabian banner. “This is the first time I have reached the Grand Final of the Fifa eWorld Cup. I hope to give more trophies to my country […] I will give everything to do my country proud”.

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E-sport in Saudi Arabia, a booming activity

Mosaad is sure that if he has been able to live his passion, make this journey and accumulate victories, he owes it to his Saudi origins and the place given by the Kingdom of Arabia to the world of video games. “In Saudi Arabia, all houses have video game consoles. I think Saudi Arabia is the main country for e-sport. Whether you lose or win, everyone supports you and by becoming world champion it is somewhere, a gift that I also give to the Saudis”, the young champion explains.

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In recent years, e-sport has become such a phenomenon throughout the world that some people have advocated for a difference between virtual and physical sport. If Mosaad is a football enthusiast and a fervent supporter of Real Madrid, he does not wish to establish this distinction because the young prodigy considers that “e-sport is an ordinary sport since like “traditional” sports we also have a tournament with a large number of players”. He then explains : “thanks to the Saudi Electronic League, an E-sport League was created. Today, I think we have four e-sport teams on FIFA that can compete against other teams around the world, with good players who I hope will in turn become champions”.

The future of e-sport is coming soon

Ambitious though aware of current realities, Mosaad sees e-sport as only the beginning of a great adventure. “For the time being, we, in Saudi e-sport, are focusing on FIFA because that’s what people mainly like, right after football. But I think that in the coming years e-sport will expand and become more widespread. While his competitive spirit has earned him two wins, the young player still hopes to see other Saudis after him at the top of the headlines. “We really have some great e-sport stars on FIFA in the country, but they are just starting out in the competition so they need time to adapt and cope with the pressure, the stress, after which they will win at least one title, that’s for sure”.

Published on 27 May 2019


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