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Omani diver breaks a record in freediving

With an apnea time of 8 minutes and 7 seconds, Omani diver Ibrahim Al Salatni has just set a new free dive record, making him one of the top 10 best divers in the world.

At a competition held in Egypt, Omani diver Ibrahim Al Salatni broke the Asian record in freediving with his 8 minutes and 7 seconds of freediving. Breaking the previous record of 7 minutes and 51 seconds held by a Japanese national, Ibrahim Al Salatni joins the Top 10 of the best divers in the world after four years of training.

“I dedicate this success to my country, when this record is mentioned, the Sultanate of Oman will be mentioned before me”
Ibrahim Al Salatni

A real pride for this athlete who started diving in 2014. After winning first place in the Fazza championship twice in a row, a competition held in the United Arab Emirates, Ibrahim Al Salatni decided to extend his participation beyond Arab competitions and began to register for all snorkeling tournaments.

The Omani-style effort

To reach such a level, Ibrahim Al Salatni has trained hard and had to face many challenges, whether psychological, physical or mental.

“Since I started, my goal was to set a record for the Sultanate, and now I have succeeded in achieving this goal, and I am looking even harder… It was necessary for me to undergo intensive training to retain oxygen for long periods underwater”
Ibrahim Al Salatni

Ibrahim Al Salatni’s victory comes at a time when the champions of the Sultanate’s Karate Academy have won 21 different medals in Shiraz in the kata and Kumite competitions. Athletes from the sultanate are holding on to a good momentum.