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Ramy, a season 2 even more rooted in the Arab-Muslim culture

The comedy series, which stands out for its insider’s approach to Arab-Muslim culture, was a resounding success in its first season. That was all it took to convince lead actor Ramy Youssef and his co-producers to reappear for a second season.

You may know “Ramy”, the comedy series broadcast on the Hulu streaming platform. This comedy created by actor and comedian Rami Youssef tells his story: that of an American-Egyptian who tries to reconcile a 20-year-old Muslim life with a politically divided New Jersey neighborhood, a difficult task if ever there was one.

If you don’t know the series, the release of season 2 is a good excuse for the “binger”, because after a first season rewarded by a Golden Globe, the new one strikes even harder, with the integration of stars of the big screen such as the Oscar winner Mahershala Ali (Moonlight, Green Book).


Various societal themes

This second season offers a deeper dive into Arab and Muslim culture, while maintaining this clever mix of humour and emotion. In the series, Ramy Youssef deals with themes such as love life, employment, religion and the impact of September 11, 2001 on his friendships. Most of them are based on his experience as a stand-up comedian and his own sketches.

The voice of a community?

Although “Ramy” is an American series, its creator and lead actor admits he is surprised by the reception he has received throughout the Arab world and admits he feels invested with a mission of representation: “In pop culture, we are often described as the bad guys. I’m fighting for the right of people to be themselves and not have to be ambassadors through art”.


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Published on 30 June 2020