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Recognition for Mansoor, the Saudi wrestler

The 25 year old Saudi wrestler, Mansoor Al Shehail, also known as "Manny Faberino" has just got a contract guaranteeing him to appear every week in one of the most watched shows of the genre. This will put Saudi Arabia on the wrestling map for a long time. 

Most of you had discovered him in June 2019 at the Super Showdown in Jeddah. Mansoor Al Shehail, a 25-year-old Saudi wrestler, was entering the big leagues by winning his first major event in a sport that never ceases to thrill the crowds, especially in the Middle East. 

Since then, the wrestler has come a long way, gaining experience along the way, including competing in major events like Crown Jewel. But the real recognition came only recently, when he signed a contract with WWE RAW, a weekly show featuring the biggest names in the sport. What guarantees the Saudi a huge visibility, to establish for good his presence at the highest level. 

The fruit of hard work

Asked about his feelings towards this huge opportunity, the athlete answers: “It’s incredible. I’ve been to some big shows before. But what I wanted most was to be consistent, and to be in a weekly program where I could show the world that I can perform every week, not just once every few months.” 

Arriving at WWE in 2018, the man affectionately referred to by his first name “Mansoor”, has therefore not been slow to climb the ranks. In the space of three years, spent training hard at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, he has managed to climb to the top of the podium to settle – we wish him, permanently – in the elite.