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Relaxation in AlUla with the Wellness Festival to close the winter season!

The AlUla Wellness Festival brings together customized wellness events and experiences aimed at restoring energy and improving the physical and spiritual health of its participants. From March 17-27, the final event of the winter season will feature a variety of activities beneficial to the mind, body and spirit.

For this festival, AlUla has built the Five Senses Sanctuary to stimulate the five senses of its visitors for an entire day with more than 300 activities. Yoga classes by internationally renowned professionals, motivational talks, meditation sessions and relaxation workshops will headline the daily programs. Activities will emphasize the notion of sharing and communion, with the environment and with others. Refocusing on oneself in order to give to others: this is the idea of this festival.


Wellness in harmony with nature

Getaways in the heart of the mountains plan to create a sensation. Sadu Escape’s private lounge is buzzing with activity among the sand dunes. Blending Arabian culture and Saudi hospitality, the center is based on connecting to nature and most importantly disconnecting from the rest of the world. Visitors will enjoy local food, prepared in front of their eyes, games and outdoor shows under the starry sky of AlUla.


Reconnecting with regional traditions

The Thuraya Wellness Center is the epitome of relaxation with treatment rooms, a spa and a fitness area. This open-air wellness agora will invite visitors to experience therapies and rituals that blend ancient and modern, global and Middle Eastern methods, including date seed rejuvenation and a detoxifying experience with Moringa Peregrina oil.

At the end of their stay, certificates of participation will be issued to visitors. AlUla aspires to become a global and unmissable crossroads of wellness, spiritual and physical holistic health!