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Richard Browning flies over the Dubai Museum of the Future for its inauguration

The Dubai Museum of the Future could not have been inaugurated in a more symbolic way than with this technological performance. Richard Browning, inventor of the Jetsuit, flew over the impressive egg-shaped building and impressed his audience.

Richard Browning participated in the inauguration of the Museum of the Future in his own way: by flying over it in a Jetsuit. The museum, which stands on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, reaches a height of 77 meters, a height that did not scare the pilot.


A museum in symbiosis with the pilot’s aspirations

The founder, manager, and test pilot of Gravity Industries’ products performed a real demonstration, which did not leave his audience indifferent. He explains his performance by his love for innovation and his alignment with the ethos of the museum. “The opening of the Museum of the Future is really exciting for me. There is a clear connection between the values of the museum and those that led me to develop the Jetsuit,” he says.

The museum, in turn, is about understanding how technology can enhance the body and mind and contribute to social and economic development. The Arabic calligraphy on the fa├žade of the structure reads, “The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it and implement it,” a message that seemed to resonate with the world record holder in hand-controlled jetsuit speed.