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Sacha Jafri’s record-breaking painting sold for $62 million.

The huge canvas of the British painter Sacha Jafri has just set a new world record, that of the largest canvas to have raised $30 million for charity!

Remember, it was last September … The British painter Sacha Jafri had won a world record for this huge canvas of 1986 square meters, the largest ever made by a single artist. In confinement in the five-star hotel Atlantis The Palm, in Dubai, Sacha Jafri had then not been idle. He had simply decided to take advantage of this time spent locked up to create this huge fresco that he then intended to divide and auction to raise funds to help disadvantaged children affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.


The artist Sacha Jafri with the buyer, the French millionaire André Abdoune.

Record after record

A strategy that paid off, it seems, since the work has just been sold for a total of 62 million dollars, far exceeding the initial goal -already ambitious- which was to raise 30 million dollars for the NGO Humanity Inspired, a non-profit organization that funds charitable initiatives in the areas of education, digital technology, connectivity, health care, and sanitation.

The work was sold in its entirety to the managing director of Altius Gestion International Holding, millionaire AndrĂ© Abdoune. The latter stated that he “did not want to see the painting divided into 70 lots” and that he “wanted to help underprivileged children by buying the entire composition”. This is a new record for “The Journey of Humanity”, once again validated by the Guinness Book, the reference entity in this field.