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Saudi Arabia forms its first women’s basketball team

Mohanned Shobain is one of the first Saudi coaches to train women basketball players in the country. Accredited by the International Basketball Federation FIBA, he is pursuing a coaching degree carrying his enthusiasm for women's sports in Saudi Arabia.

In 2017, M. Shobain opened the Jeddah Swish Basketball Academy to amateur male and female basketball players. This initiative is proving to be a real opportunity for sports enthusiasts, offering many prospects for the development of these sportswomen.

“A great potential to be exploited”

M. Shobain sees great potential in his players and aspires to be the driving force behind their development. Mr. Shobain is committed to training his players, helping them develop their game and allowing them to gain experience. By 2019, the Jeddah Swish Basketball Academy would send its first women’s 3v3 team to compete in a World Cup qualifying tournament in Bucharest.

“It’s just amazing to see what these young women are capable of, because they don’t have any role models here, they don’t know anyone to discuss women’s sports with.”
Mohanned Shobain.

The Jeddah Swish Basketball Academy, supported by the Saudi Basketball Federation, is organizing the first ever women’s basketball tournament in Saudi Arabia, which is being held right now. A major preparation in Europe is planned for the team’s players after the tournament.


Mohanned Shobain, trainer of the Jeddah Swish Basketball Academy.

Portrait of a Saudi basketball player

Dareen Sabban, 28, has been playing basketball since she was 17 years old. After being a member of the team that played in Romania, she now has ambitions to become a professional basketball player. She is committed to representing Saudi Arabia internationally, winning awards for her country in basketball tournaments, and setting an example for future generations to practice a high level of sports.


Dareen Sabban, Saudi Arabian basketball player of the Swich team.