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Saudi Arabia is developing 13 new renewable energy projects to reach carbon neutrality

The Saudi kingdom is currently developing thirteen new renewable energy projects, with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2060.

Huge projects

The thirteen projects financed by Saudi Arabia have an estimated capacity of 11.3 gigawatts. They aim to reduce the country’s annual carbon emissions by about 20 million tons.

The project appears to be on track, as last year alone Saudi Arabia managed to reduce its emissions by about one million tons of carbon.

These initiatives are part of the country’s commitment to generate 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

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Going carbon neutral

In its drive to achieve carbon neutrality, the Saudi government has partnered with Aramco to create a carbon capture and storage center.

The new facility will be located on the east coast of Saudi Arabia in Jubail and will be able to safely store up to 9 million tons of carbon dioxide per year by 2027. The storage facility will benefit Aramco, which plans to store about six million tons of its own CO2 emissions in the capture and storage unit, but also other companies, as three million tons can be hosted from other companies.

Published on 15 November 2022

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