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Saudi Arabia: the Umrah open to all

In a context still disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, Saudi Arabia is slowly beginning to reopen to business and tourism, including religious tourism.

The kingdom has just unveiled its plan to ensure the flow of pilgrims coming to Mecca to perform their Umrah, the “small” pilgrimage of Islam that Muslims make during the last month of the Islamic year.

As during the Hajj, careful planning and constant supervision are required to ensure that pilgrims are not put at risk of contamination.

The Umrah will therefore take place in three phases. The first phase will allow 6,000 pilgrims per day to be divided into 12 groups for 24 hours, in order to carry out their pilgrimage while respecting the barrier gestures.



AI at the service of the organization

An application was also created to computerize each step using AI. It will allow to enforce health standards in the context of the pandemic, and to offer personalized support to people according to their physical abilities.

Unlike Hajj 2020, this time the pilgrimage is open to foreigners. The Hajj 2020 which was moreover a success in terms of organization since no new cases of Covid have been reported.