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Saudi Arabia’s first female professional skydiving team ready to conquer the world

Their only limit? The sky. These three Saudi women, all eager for thrills, are convinced of this. On the occasion of the country's 91st bank holidays, the Saudi Federation of Adventure Sports celebrated the graduation of Alaa Dhafer, Maram Al-Eid and Razan Al-Ghufaili, the first three women to have passed the parachute jumping course, during the federation's third camp, held from 17 to 25 September.

All skydiving enthusiasts had their eyes on these three women when they took the plunge and made their official debut by jumping from a Black Hawk helicopter at 12,000 feet as the first female skydiving team

Abdulmajeed Al-Mutairi, head of the Federation, said: “The introduction of this new women’s team to the sport is a message to all Saudi women who want to partner with men in all sports”.

The women have obtained their professional license from the US Parachute Association, one of the world’s leading organisations in the sport. 

After the event, Maram Al-Eid said with pride, “I don’t know if I can call myself an adventurer, but I am a person who likes to face her fears and push her limits”. The 27-year-old now has only one goal in mind: to participate in the next Saudi National Day with the parachute training team.I didn’t participate in the event this year because I just passed my course, but our goal as women is to have our own parachute team to be there next year.” 

For her part, Alaa Dhafer, from Mecca, has finally achieved her childhood dream: “Being one of the first female skydivers in the Kingdom is considered an achievement for our great country, and my teammates and I are very proud of it. My mother always supported me while I was trying to pass the necessary steps“. 

Al-Mutairi, the president of the federation, was quick to support the three women and congratulate them on their determination and courage: “Their passion for jumping has brought them to where they are now, and I hope they will become an inspiration to young people and girls”.

Have a safe flight for these three sky lovers