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Saudi Arabia’s first Peace Ambassador is a woman

Sumaya Al-Nasser, first PEace Ambassador in Saudi Arabia

Sumaya Al-Nasser has been appointed by Peace Without Borders to be the first Saudi Peace Ambassador

The global organization Peace Without Borders has appointed Dr. Sumaya Al-Nasser to be the first Peace Ambassador in Saudi Arabia. This Saudi businesswoman and life and career coach has been working for more than 15 years to help people from all over the world to find inner peace.

Dr. Sumaya Al-Nasser is a Saudi businesswoman and the first internationally certified female life coach in the kingdom. She holds a PhD in theology, she has conducted extensive research in awareness science. She has taught for years the principles of peace, freedom, coexistence and respect through her books and her program Sumaya369 which offers courses in Arabic to help thousands of people around the world. finding inner peace and improve self-relationship. Last May, Peace Without Borders announced her appointment to be the first Peace Ambassador in the Saudi Kingdom.

Peace isn’t just the absence of war and violence, it is the ability to manage conflict positively. For this, Peace Without Borders has been doing incredible work around the world and I’m happy to be a part of the organization and to contribute towards my homeland”, Sumara said commenting on her appointment.

Peace Without Borders promotes the values of peace, supports sustainable development, monitors violations of human rights of expression and freedom and works on achieving UNO’s Millennium Development Goals.