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Scarlet Scarab, Marvel’s first Egyptian superheroine

As the Marvel Moon Knight mini-series came to a close, the final episode revealed to viewers the arrival of an unusual new superhero: Scarlet Scarab, the first Egyptian superhero.

The portrayal of an Egyptian woman in the Marvel saga has been welcomed by action movie fans. The character of Layla El-Faouly, played by Egyptian-Palestinian actress May Calamawy, first appeared at the beginning of the series as a competent character due to her historical knowledge and ability to collect rare artefacts. It is only in the sixth and final episode that she is revealed as a metamorphosis.

A spectacular final metamorphosis

Although she has proven her ability to fight the supernatural and save the world, Layla is hidden in the shadow of her husband during the first few episodes of the micro-series, since he is endowed with magical abilities from the gods. Layla is finally and officially enshrined as a beautiful heroine when she appears in an epic outfit, with wings on her back and two swords. The audience is introduced to Scarlet Scarab, transformed into an avatar of the ancient Egyptian goddess Taweret.


An inspiring Egyptian superheroine

Scarlet Scarab acquires new powers, such as superhuman strength, but also tenfold endurance and the ability to fly very quickly thanks to an ancient artefact: the Ruby Scarab. However, Internet users were visibly pleased with a character other than her powers. Although the character of Layla was originally inspired by a man, Professor Abdul Faoul, who appeared in the Marvel comics in 1977, Layla remains the first Egyptian female hero portrayed. Her tanned complexion and especially her curly hair have been the subject of many tweets, highlighting the appearance of a heroine whose physique is not drawn from typical Caucasian features.