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Shedding light on Egypt’s new administrative capital

Egypt is in the process of building a branch office in its capital Cairo. In order to stem the recurring problem of overpopulation and pollution, the country has been working for nearly 6 years on the construction of a new administrative and economic capital. A colossal project, worth 45 billion euros. 

Cairo will soon have a new little sister. After the cities of October 6, Sheikh Zayed, or El Shorouk, another urban mega-project is under construction some 45 kilometers east of the Egyptian capital.

Faced with a recurring problem of overpopulation, increased population densification, and pollution, the authorities took the decision in 2015 to migrate several key elements of the city of Cairo to a new city, a new capital

Egypt is well accustomed to mega project

After the Suez Canal, or the Great Pyramids of Giza, it is not the construction of a new capital that will frighten Egypt. Thus, six years and 45 billion euros of investment later, the city is taking shape. It will soon be able to accommodate more than 6 million inhabitants as well as the main local government bodies and foreign embassies. The first places of worship have already been inaugurated, and urban projects continue to develop, such as skyscrapers, a park and an airport. 

Funny thing is, despite its advanced state of development, the city still does not have a name. An online consultation has been launched to choose it, but the outcome is still unknown. In any case, this is a necessary investment to decongest one of the most densely populated cities in the world… We hope it will produce the desired effect.