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“Smart Tunnels” at Dubai Airport Make it Look Futuristic

Dubai International Airport unveiled on October 10 its brand new “smart tunnels”: a pilot project using artificial intelligence to speed up passport control.

From now on, business class and first class passengers will no longer need to provide a real passport to go through passport control at Dubai International Airport. On October 10, “smart tunnels” were installed at Terminal 3 for a test phase. These tunnels required a four year work, in order to reduce to 15 seconds the identity verification time of each passenger.

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A 3.0 control system

To replace the traditional passport control system, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) in charge of the project, invested in advanced technology: facial recognition, artificial intelligence and machine learning. When a passenger goes through one of the white tunnels, his iris and face are scanned, which allows a fluidity in ID controls.

Published on 12 October 2018