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“The Arabic of the Future”: a new volume is coming out soon!

A release date has finally been announced for the next volume of L'arabe du futur, Riad Sattouf's best-selling comic book. And as a bonus, we also got a preview of the cover!

It will soon be two years since the release of the new opus of L’arabe du futur, the series in which Riad Sattouf recounts his youth between Libya, Syria and Brittany in the 1980s and 1990s.

In this fifth volume, the author focuses on the period from 1992 to 1994. It looks back at his youth in Brittany and his relationship, sometimes complicated, with his father, a university professor passionate about pan-Arabism and the Middle East.



School at the center of the debate?

In his tweet, the best-seller’s designer also reveals the cover of the new volume, where his main character, a school bag, is shown on the back, suggesting that part of the adventures will take place at school, a symbolic place for integration.

Riad Sattouf also announced that, contrary to his original decision, this volume would not be the last in the series: there will indeed be a sixth one. The date of publication has not yet been revealed.

As a reminder, earlier in the year, Sattouf had also published a volume of the Cahiers d’Esther, a comic book with a more pronounced political dimension.