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The DJ who’s transposing a piece of Beirut into Paris

It’s hard to walk through the charming streets of Belleville, a neighborhood north of the Seine in Paris, without coming across flyers announcing parties entitled “Beirut Electro Parade”.

Taking place at the club La Bellevilloise, the Beirut Electro Parade brings together eight DJs who play electronic music mainly inspired by the eclectic music scene of Beirut and its pulsating rhythms.

The event has grown from a small underground in 2016 to a mecca for the Arab diaspora living in the French capital, with a capacity of 2,000 people regularly selling out.

A venture of passion

Beirut Electro Parade was founded by Hadi Zeidan, a Lebanese DJ and producer. Hadi left Lebanon for the south of France to pursue his studies, but he rekindled his passion for mixing and dedicated himself to the Beirut Electro Parade. The young musician is involved in all aspects of this thriving event, from booking regional artists to marketing. In addition, Hadi performs on the main stage and tours internationally as a solo artist. 



The Lebanese DJ attributes the success of his parties to a common desire for reconnection among Arab expats living in the French capital. The Beirut Electro Parade plays experimental and funky versions of Lebanese pop songs from the 70s and 80s, as well as remixed vintage oriental dance music. 

“Beirut Electro Parade is an event born in 2017 at La Bellevilloise, I created it to reconnect with the city I grew up in and left at 17. I felt far from the Lebanese alternative scene and I wanted to recreate it. I gathered around me musicians I like and who share my vision of clubbing and nightlife,” he told L’Orient-Le Jour.



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High hopes for the future

Zeidan has high hopes for the Beirut Electro Parade, which he wants to take further, beyond Paris. The recent concert at Dubai’s Electric Paw was a success, and paves the way for more possibilities for further opportunities to export the event abroad.

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Published on 25 April 2023