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The first ever Saudi anime comes out tomorrow!

Produced by the company Manga Productions, a subsidiary of the MiSK Foundation, the first anime (Japanese-inspired cartoon) arrives tomorrow on the screens of the channel MBC1.

13 episodes to bring the Saudi heritage to life in a form adapted and appreciated by young people. This is the challenge facing “Future’s Folktales”, the first Saudi production anime. It will be released tomorrow in the Arabian Gulf on the MBC1 channel.

Co-produced by the Saudi company Manga Productions, affiliated to the MiSK foundation, and by the emblematic Japanese company TOEI Animation, the anime shows the kingdom in an imaginary future and tells stories from local folklore through a family. A grandmother becomes the narrator and shares her stories with her two grandchildren and their robotic cat, Anis.


Creating vocations

For Essam Bukhary, the head of Manga Production, the challenge is to “make the world discover Saudi culture in an attractive and unique way”. According to him, the subtlety lies in the mix between the “old-school look” of the drawings, and the futuristic universe of the manga, which will attract the widest possible audience.

Another objective is to create vocations through cultural identification. Just as Star Wars created a generation of aspiring astronauts, or Gundam pushed young people into robotics, the producers hope to inspire Saudi youth to create a future in which they will be the first actors.

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Published on 23 January 2020


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