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The great clock of Mecca hosts an astronomy museum

The city of Mecca, a holy place where millions of Muslims go on pilgrimage, has recently opened a museum dedicated to astronomy. It is located in the Clock Tower, a monument that is already very popular with tourists. 

In Mecca, the Clock Tower overlooks everything. The tallest tower in the Abraj Al Bait Towers complex, it is 600 meters high and is topped by a clock six times larger than that of Big Ben in London. 


Recently, the MisK Foundation, dear to Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salmane, transformed this giant clock into a museum dedicated to the study of astronomy. An initiative that delights its 1200 daily visitors.


Between astronomy and spirituality 


While it provides a wealth of interesting information on the mysteries of the Milky Way – and other galaxies – the museum also overlooks the Kaaba, the black cubic structure central to the Great Mosque, to which Muslims around the world turn for prayer. It is, therefore, possible to observe the faithful from a height of 600 meters, behind a metal fence, essential for the safety of visitors.


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Published on 19 July 2019