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The Ibrahim Palace, a historical gem

Built in 963, the Ibrahim Palace is one of Saudi Arabia's most important historical sites. Before being a holy place, the place was used as a military barracks and a holy place.

The Palace of Ibrahim is also referred to as the Palace of Kut, or the Dome Palace. It consists of a set of buildings surrounded by a fortified enclosure. Located in the East of the Kingdom, the Ibrahim Palace was first an Ottoman military base and then the headquarters of a garrison.

The center of the palace was built first, in 963, followed by the Ottoman prison, the weapons room, and the Turkish baths. Today the palace covers 16,500 square meters, combining both Islamic and military architecture. The palace owes its location to the vital trade route near to which it lays.

Is the Ibrahim Palace on its way toward the UNESCO World Heritage List?

According to a former counselor to the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH), the palace is on its way to entering the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Investments should be made to present two exhibitions on the palace’s site: one dedicated to the people who contributed to the monument’s construction, and another based on the history of the Saudi State.