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The lake Assal, the jewel of Djibouti

Lake Assal is the largest salt lake in Djibouti. It is a crater lake in the central part of Djibouti, located in the Afar Basin 155 m below sea level, it is the lowest point in Africa.

Located at two hours drive from Djibouti city, the Assal lake is one of the landscapes to see at least once in its life! With its 65 km² salt floe and its hot springs, this mineral site attracts many geologists and volcanologists. On the spot, an explosion of colors and materials offers an unforgettable spectacle. What if you went to discover the Assal Lake?

Lake Assal: what is this extraordinary natural phenomenon?

You thought the Dead Sea was the saltiest body of water in the world? Wrong! With its waters 10 times more mineralized, Lake Assal is the saltiest lake on the planet. The other particularity of this extraordinary landscape is its location, 153 meters below sea level. A position that makes Lake Assal the lowest point of the African continent! A site of striking beauty, where several colors are revealed: the bright white of the salt-laden shores, the emerald reflections of the sparkling water, the ochre shades of the dusty soils and the brown of the austere mountains. A breathtaking palette.

Lake Assal is also an important source of trade for the Afar nomads. It is possible to follow their tracks by taking the salt road during a hike. An itinerary in the heart of ancestral traditions, which will leave you, for sure, an indelible memory of Djibouti!

Should I see the allols of Lake Assal?

To the north of Lake Assal, another geological phenomenon is worth the detour: the allol depression. Spectacular landscapes of the Horn of Africa, the allols mix salt fields, black rocks and ancient lava deposits. There are many hot springs, small swamps and green areas. On the latter, grows the palm-doum, whose sap is collected for the palm wine (alcoholic drink).

If this wild landscape is difficult to access, it is possible to get there through organized excursions. Don’t hesitate to ask before going to Djibouti!

What other activities can I do around Lake Assal?

To make your trip to Djibouti even more memorable, don’t leave Lake Assal without exploring the volcanic area of Goubet! A landscape populated by ancient volcanoes, including Ardoukouba known for its eruption in 1978. The panorama on the Gulf of Tadjourah is breathtaking and you can admire two splendid dome-shaped islands. There too, a game of shades is set up: the blue of the water, the black of the lava and the golden accents of the earth in the sun. A jewel of Djibouti among many others!