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The most beautiful wadis of Oman

One of the most beautiful ways to visit Oman is to explore its many wadis. But what is a wadi? It is a rocky, semi-desert valley, dotted with palm trees, natural pools and small streams. A wonder of nature, which you will find in great number in Oman. Which ones to visit first? Discover our selection of the most beautiful wadis in Oman.

Wadi Shab, the must-see

After a boat trip and a 45-minute hike, you will reach this little natural jewel that is Wadi Shab. A canyon lined with freshwater pools with emerald reflections, breathtaking waterfalls and rock formations. The vegetation is not to be outdone, since a multitude of date palms bring a touch of green to the landscape. Not to be missed!

Wadi Bani Khalid, the most accessible



Perched at an altitude of 600 meters, in the Hajar mountain range, Wadi Bani Khalid is a haven of peace appreciated by Omani families. It is well equipped, with footbridges to navigate from one pool to another, as well as a restaurant to eat. These structures do not detract from the wild charm of this oasis! Huge caves, flowering orchards and sparkling streams are all there.


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Wadi Ghul, the most spectacular

It is in the high peaks of the sultanate, in Jebel Shams, that the biggest canyon of Oman is majestically unfolding. On the program: rocky valleys and waterways, nestled in the hollow of impressive mountain walls. Wadi Ghul is also crisscrossed with paths leading to the ruins of an abandoned village, named Ghul. A must-see place for lovers of XXL wilderness landscapes.

Wadi Tiwi, the most rural



Nicknamed “the gorge with nine villages”, Wadi Tiwi has the particularity of being inhabited. During your walk, you can stop in the different villages and meet the local population. You will see orchards built on the mountainside, irrigated terraces, date and fig plantations. Without forgetting the translucent water points and the sublime rose gardens.

Wadi Arbaeen, the greenest

Among the most beautiful wadis in Oman, there is also Arbaeen. Located on the eastern side of the Hajar Mountains, it is accessible by following the canals. The hike is all the more refreshing, as there is plenty of water! A godsend for the local farmers, who can plant a multitude of fruit trees: banana trees, mango trees, lemon trees, date trees, etc.. What to take full sight of it.




Published on 16 June 2022