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These Egyptian actors who will (perhaps) win a Golden Globe in 2020.

Nominations for the 77th edition of the prestigious awards ceremony have just been announced, and two Egyptian-American actors, who also have the same first name, are in the running for the precious award.

One is called Rami Malek and is no longer to be presented. 2019 has undeniably been his year. Thanks to a stunning performance of Bohemian Rhapsody by American director Bryan Singer, in which he plays the mythical singer of the group Queen Freddie Mercury, the actor has already won everything. Oscar, Golden Globe, and Bafta…

But here, it is for the series that revealed it to the general public, Mr. Robot, that the actor is nominated, in the category “best performance in a dramatic television series”. This will be her third nomination for this one, and probably the last one since the series is in its final season. One last chance for the famous hacker Elliot Alderson to win an award then…

2 Egyptians with identical first names

The other one is named Ramy Youssef. He was nominated for the first time in his career, for his role in Ramy, a production of the Hulu streaming platform, which recounts the adventures of an American-Egyptian Muslim millenial. On January 5, he will, therefore, seek to win in the category “best performance in a comedy or musical”.

And he does not hide his happiness following this appointment, despite the (feint) jealousy of his colleagues…

Published on 11 December 2019



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