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This is the tallest hotel in the world!

In Dubai, 2023 will mark the opening of Hotel Ciel, and it will simply be the tallest in the world. It was worth a look.

It will be 360 meters high and equipped with one of the world’s largest overflow pools… Dubai’s Ciel Hotel, which will be finalized and opened between late 2022 and early 2023, will then break the record already held by the Emirate with Hotel Gevora on Sheikh Zayed Road. Here are some photos to take the measure of this 82-story mastodon, designed by the architectural firm Norr.

In addition to the hotel’s 1209 luxurious suites, there are indoor green spaces, a panoramic observatory on the roof, many bars, and restaurants. It will be located in the Dubai Marina and will offer an open view of the Gulf of Arabia.