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Top 5 of the most breathtaking beaches in the Middle East

White Beach

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Some are hidden by cliffs, others stretch as far as the eye can see... The Middle East is full of idyllic beaches made of fine sand, smooth pebbles and crystal clear lagoons. From Djibouti to Oman and through Lebanon, here are five dream spots to escape to.

1 – Khor Ambado Beach in Djibouti

Nicknamed “The French beach“, Khor Ambado beach was a resort for French military families living in the region. This brown sand area is now gaining in fame asi, it combines the beauty of clear water with the richness of a diversified marine life. With its small green crabs, spectacular shells and colorful fish, Khor Ambado Beach seduces travellers who want to revitalize themselves.

2 – White Beach in Oman

This wild beach extends stands in a desert field, between Muscat and Sur. This pristine site, whose sand and stones are made of white clay, seems protected by the cliffs and ochre valleys that surround it. Thanks to the absence of seaside facilities, nature has remained intact. White Beach is an exceptional water point in an arid landscape that attracts some adventurers and visitors in search of tranquility.

3 – The beach of Saadiyat Island in the United Arab Emirates

Saadiyat beach is one of the most popular places in the U.A.E, know for its chic atmosphere, trendy activities and dream setting. The area is punctuated by hotels, but remains protected by local authorities. Turtle nests  and vegetation are thus preserved through the establishment of a dune protection perimeter. This is a good combination of idleness and respect for the environment.

4 – Pierre & Friends beach in northern Lebanon

Pebble beaches also have their charm sor does Pierre & Friends beach in the town of Batroun. With free access and facilities, the place is a good for sunbathing, admiring the sunset or tasting delicious mezze. Not to mention a refreshing swim in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

5 – The beach of Kélibia in Tunisia

A coastal city at the tip of Cap Bon, Kélibia is renowned for its heavenly beach. A crystalline tablecloth lined with white sand, classified as the seventh “most beautiful beach in the world” by the  Daily News Dig. A blue dream to dive into, 200 km from Sicily. The Italian city can be seen offshore, on a clear day, from the Byzantine Fort of Kelibia.