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TravelMonday #2: Al Disah Valley, the great Saudi canyon

Every Monday during the month of August, Kawa invites you to discover a breathtaking destination in the Arab world. Today, it is in Saudi Arabia, and more precisely in the Tabuk region, that we are taking you. Ready for the adventure?

As in the north of the Arizona state of the United States, the Saudi region of Tabuk, known for its amazing desert nature, unique sites and cultural heritage monuments, also has its “Grand Canyon”: the Al Disah Valley

A paradise for hikers 

With its imposing rock formations, its natural beauty, sublimated when climbing from above, and its inexhaustible springs of water flowing along the canyon, the Al Disah Valley is a paradise on earth for hikers seeking adventure and photographers seeking to capture captivating images of unique mountain environments. If people usually flock to the region’s coasts during the summer, the high peaks of the plunging Al Disah valley will certainly give you the feeling of being in a bubble.

A well of knowledge

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In addition to its breathtaking natural landscapes, the Al Disah Valley is also steeped in history.

Located in a Saudi village at the crossroads of the three main valleys of the Tabuk region, this spot is also famous for its Nabataean tombs carved into the rocks and its many Thamudic and Nabataean inscriptions on the sides of some mountains. Other nearby sites such as the Shuaib Caves (Maghair Shuaib) and the Haddaj Well in Tayma will be able to quench the thirst of history-loving tourists. By stopping in the Al Disah Valley, you will face the mountainous and historical side of this region which remains perceived by the world as “Tabuk of the Roses”, the region with thousands of roses.