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Two Saudi banks merge to create a single entity

Amsterdam, the Netherlands - August 26, 2018: Website of The Saudi British Bank or SABB, a Saudi Joint Stock Company.

On June 16, the British Saudi Bank (SABB) and Alawwal Bank announced the merger of their businesses, founding the third largest bank in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Arabian Bank (SABB) and Alawwal Bank announced the merger of their businesses after receiving the green light from regulators and shareholders. With this merger, the two banks founded the third largest bank in Saudi Arabia



According to an official statement from SABB, the new banking structure resulting from this merger will have total assets equivalent to $70 billion and is expected to generate revenues of approximately $2.9 billion. 



A major merger


More than an economic potential, this merger will allow the new banking structure to benefit from more resources to innovate and to bring together a younger population, keen on new technologies and leading digital banking experiences.


The integration of the two banks could take between 18 and 24 months. In term, customers will eventually have access to an international banking network in the Kingdom, particularly through shareholders such as HSBC Holdings PLC, whose CEO John Flint welcomed the merger: “As the main shareholder of the combined bank, HSBC fully supports this merger and believes that it will create a stronger bank to support Saudi Arabia’s economic transformation,” he said.