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Venice Film Festival: Three Arab films already on the bill

As soon as the summer holidays begin, on 1 September and for ten days, the 78th Venice International Film Festival will be held. The aim of this event? To showcase and promote international cinema in all its forms, as art, entertainment and industry, in a spirit of freedom and dialogue. KAWA takes this opportunity to discover the Arab films that will be presented there. 

The Venice International Film Festival has just announced the 21 world premieres that will be shown during the event. Not surprisingly, three masterpieces from the Arab world will be featured.

In the Horizons section, we find Amira by Mohamed Diab. It is a coming-of-age drama shot in Jordan, but set in Palestine. More precisely, this drama, inspired by real events, depicts the trafficking of sperm by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Costa Brava, the first work of Lebanese director Mounia Akl, associates Palestinian actor Saleh Bakri with Lebanese actress and director Nadine Labaki. The synopsis of this success of the 7th art already makes our mouths water: the Badri family lives isolated in the Lebanese mountains away from the rest of the country. When the government plans to build a large landfill on their land, the hidden tensions within the family emerge

We’ll let you watch the film before we reveal the ending!

Finally, Republic of Silence by Syrian Diana El-Jeiroudi is a personal account of her childhood and, 40 years later, her exile in Berlin. In this emotionally charged film, Diana recounts in the first person the paths that led her to Berlin. She explores how she grew up internalising a world of silence and oppression, negotiating her existence and well-being in the face of an ever-changing enemy. And we discover how, first as a witness, then as a committed activist, she rebelled and asserted herself, and how film saved her life.

See you in September for more information