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[Video] The world’s deepest pool inaugurated in Dubai

Did you know that Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is the city of all records? It is home to the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa tower, which is 828 meters high, the Dubai Mall and its 1 million square meters which make it the largest shopping mall in the world, or the Dubai Fountain which has the capacity to project 80,000 liters of water simultaneously... And since this week, the city has added to its list of records (it has more than 425!) the world’s largest swimming pool !

However, the Deep Dive Dubai is not a pool like any other : in addition to its 60 meters depth and its 14.6 million liters of water volume – the equivalent of 6 Olympic swimming pools – it offers a unique experience as you can explore a sunken city. 


Ambient music, changing lights, objects and luxuriant vegetation, every detail is thought out for the most accurate reconstruction and the most unique diving experience. Divided into several “floors”, it also contains “rooms” with different activities, where divers can literally sit down to play chess, billiards or table soccer. Dry chambers are also available at 6 and 21 meters deep. 


The giant pool is equipped with the latest technologies such as 56 underwater cameras covering all its angles, or fresh water filtering methods developed by NASA. The water is constantly at the rather pleasant temperature of…30°. 


The inspiration behind this concept is a tribute to the widespread snorkeling in the Emirates, and also to the pearl fishing that made Dubai the first port in the Gulf in the late 19th century. This is also the reason why the building has an oyster-shell shape. 

In terms of price range, one hour of session varies between 500 and 1500 dirhams (about 115 to 345 euros) depending on the chosen formula (there are 3 categories – the Discover, Dive and Develop formulas -, according to the clients’ diving abilities and their supervision need)