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Vitamin D, the cure for cancer?

In the Middle East, the number of people with cancer could double by 2030. A recent study by Tarek Haykal, a Lebanese doctor, suggests that an organic substance could help slow the spread.

While the World Health Organization states that 30% to 50% of cancer cases could be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle, in the Middle East the number of people with cancer could double by 2030. Faced with this bitter situation, Tarek Haykal, a Lebanese doctor, recently conducted a study in the United States to find a solution that could change the situation.


Based on his research on a panel of 79,000 patients, Dr. Tarek Haykal concluded that vitamin D could help fight against cancer. By taking a regular vitamin D supplement for at least three months, a person with cancer could live longer.


“The world’s attention has never been focused on vitamin D, but now we are learning more and more that vitamin D is important for your bone health and your overall health,” said Dr. Tarek Haykal

Dr Tarek Haykal

Vitamin D, the miracle solution?


While the author of the study claims to be able to reduce the mortality rate of cancer patients by nearly 13%, vitamin D is not a miracle cure.


“Vitamin D has had a significant effect on reducing the risk of death in people with cancer, but unfortunately, the study showed no evidence that it could protect against cancer,” says Dr. Haykal.


Coming mainly from exposure to the sun and diets including fish, mushrooms or egg yolk, vitamin D would also have benefits for other diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus or cardiovascular disease. Nevertheless, this study remains a source of hope when we consider the place of cancer in the ranking of causes of death.