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What is Pangeos, the turtle-shaped floating city set in Saudi Arabia?

Pangeos, a futuristic concept of a floating turtle-shaped city, might soon see the light of day in Saudi Arabia. The terayacht is named after Pangea, the ancient supercontinent that existed millions of years ago. 

The designer of this ambitious proposal is Pierpaolo Lazzarini, a renowned designer known for his unique and visionary designs of motor vehicles. Pangeos marks his latest ambitious undertaking, and he has put forth a proposal that promises to be a marvel of engineering and design. Pangeos aims to sail from King Abdul Aziz Port in Saudi Arabia to roam the whole world.

The yacht that has it all

The proposed terayacht would feature a wide range of amenities such as rooftop gardens, malls, international helicopter pads, resorts, and many other constructions. The turtle town is proposed to be 650 meters wide and 600 meters long. For comparison, the current largest yacht is the Azzam, which is 180 meters long.

The floating turtle town is designed to be powered by advanced technology, consisting of nine high-temperature superconductor fully electric engines that will enable the vessel to maintain a steady speed of 5 knots. Additionally, the ship will harness the power of the waves it encounters by using its wings to generate renewable energy and supplement it with solar panels on the rooftops.



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Huge investment to make the project a reality

Lazzarini estimates that an investment of $8 billion over eight years would be required to construct this ambitious project. This investment would go towards building the infrastructure, hiring the workforce, and acquiring the necessary materials to bring this idea to life.

When completed, Pangeos could accommodate as many as 60,000 people. This would make it an actual city on water, with all the amenities and infrastructure necessary to support such a large population. 


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Published on 25 January 2023

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