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What to expect from the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix?

The last Grand Prix to be held in the Arab world, the Yas Marina circuit will once again be the epilogue of a Formula 1 season. What can we expect from this last episode?

The first victory of the season for Hamilton?

While it was no longer expected, the Mercedes, globally dominated by the Ferrari and the Red Bulls all season long, took their first victory of the season on the Brazilian circuit of Interlagos. The British driver George Russell won for the first time in front of his compatriot Lewis Hamilton to offer a double victory to the German company.

Will the return to form of those nicknamed the “silver arrows” since Fangio continue in Abu Dhabi? This is what Lewis Hamilton must secretly hope. Indeed, the seven-time British world champion has still not won a single race since the beginning of the year. A first since… the beginning of his career! Will the Emirati shores be favorable to him?

Second place in the drivers’ championship.

Although the driver’s championship is already folded, Max Verstappen is titled since the Grand Prix of Japan, the place of vice-champion next to him is still the subject of intense struggles between two protagonists: his teammate Sergio Perez and the Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc. With one grand prix to go, the Mexican and the Monegasque are on equal footing.

If this place is above all symbolic, it is nevertheless important for both drivers, important enough to make the team’s radios blinking in Brazil to favor one driver over another at Ferrari and Red Bull: instructions ignored by both drivers. So it’s quite simple: whoever is ahead of the other in Abu Dhabi will be runner-up.

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Second, fourth and sixth places in the constructors’ championship.

In the constructors’ standings, first place has been known for a long time: it is the Red Bull team that has won it through its good performances. However, the suspense remains intense for the second, fourth and sixth places.

For the second place, Ferrari starts with a lead over its rival Mercedes. With a 19-point lead, the reds seem to be out of reach of the German team. However, the recent misadventures of the Scuderia and the renewed form of Mercedes suggest that a swing is possible.

For fourth place, Alpine took a clear advantage in Brazil over its rival McLaren and is now in Abu Dhabi with a 19-point lead. However, a good performance by Lando Norris and a great Daniel Ricciardo could make this place go to McLaren.

Sixth place, which means millions of dollars more for the team that gets it at the end of the season, is vital for the two teams that are competing for it: Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin. The former has a 5-point lead over the latter, but Aston Martin is making a strong comeback at the end of the season, and no doubt four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel will be keen to end his racing career by giving the team this great result.

Published on 15 November 2022

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