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When Tennis Supports Autism Awareness Month

Initiated by Dubai teenagers and launched by high school student Hussein Nada, the ACE FOR GOOD initiative is determined to bring tennis fans together to play for a good cause: autism awareness.

A two-week tournament to support the cause 

The goal of this initiative being to set up a tournament organized by the 17-year-old high school student and in collaboration with Rackets Academy.

“I decided to create ACE FOR GOOD to allow tennis players to support a charitable cause” said the creator. “The ACE FOR GOOD Dubai 2021 tournament was a perfect fit for Autism Awareness Month, as was the tennis community’s desire to support the cause and make a difference.”

On the agenda was a two-week tournament featuring a 32-table men’s competition and a unisex doubles competition for under-14s.

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Its great resonance with sponsors 

The initiative was supported by several sponsors, including Brand for Less (BFL) Group, Daoud Group, Loca restaurants, Head, Marina Pharmacy Group and the Flower Co.

BFL Group is very proud of this sponsorship, as we always strive to work for philanthropic causes, as it reflects our values. Sports and fitness-related activities always receive our support, as we believe in their key role in maintaining our mental health and well-being” said Yasser Beydoun, co-founder and managing partner of BFL Group.

These sponsors were then very enthusiastic in seizing this sponsorship opportunity and supporting him in achieving this great cause.  

Yasser Beydoun added: This high school student showed us that age is never an obstacle to doing good; we can all do something good for the community as long as we believe in the cause and in our abilities”. 

Today, thanks to the response from the sports community, ACE FOR GOOD is now ready to become an annual event in Dubai and internationally, with a tournament planned for Egypt in August

A cause welcomed by the entire international community

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Published on 12 May 2021