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Who Is Hassan Jameel, Rihanna’s Saudi Boyfriend?

The singer from Barbados’ new flame has burned up the press for the last few months. The creator of “I Found Love” has finally found it, in the form of a rich Saudi prince.

Businessman and Philanthropist by Day…

He’s known in the press as the “Toyota Billionaire”, and for good reason: his family, recognized as having the 12th richest Arab fortune by Forbes magazine, holds the exclusive distribution rights of Toyota in the Middle East. Hassan Jameel is the vice president of this family business, the company “Abdul Latif Jameel”, and also owns the Saudi professional soccer league which bears his name: the “Jameel League”.

The businessman is also interested in philanthropy, and presides over the Community Jameel Saudi Arabia, a group which supports societal, cultural, educational, and economical development in the Middle East.

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… Paparazzi Target By Night

Since the beginning of his relationship with the singer, Hassan Jameel has been the center of attention, and the couple has elsewhere been recently spotted during a romantic getaway in Paris, lingering on the balcony of a haussmannian apartment in the 8th Arrondissement. Some rumors have also flirted with a possible pregnancy since her presentation at the Grammy Awards… And according to recent news, Rihanna, fallen for this dark-haired gentleman, is considering a move to London to be closer to her prince charming.

Jameel, who was already known to the general public and media for having flirted with Naomi Campbell in 2016, continues to be the talk of celebrity journalists since the beginning of his new adventure with the star.

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Published on 14 March 2018