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Monira Jamjoum: “The young generation want to change the history of Saudi Arabia”

Women's power

Passionate about education, Monira has worked extensively in the GCC on Human Capital Development initiatives. She has also worked on a broad range of education projects ranging from policy level initiatives to classroom teaching. Within this realm, she is dedicated to offering a Saudi education system matching the job market’s needs and requirements.

Make Saudi women visible

She is a strong advocate for the economic integration and empowerment of women within Saudi Arabia. She is also a writer, particularly on education and women issues such as “Make Saudi women visible — boost the economy” for CNN. She has spoken at many events including the Emirates Foundation’s “Business Breakfast for Social Investment”.

Deeply committed to driving economic growth and development within the Kingdom, Monira is also currently mentoring at Flat6labs, one of the Kingdom’s booming regional startup accelerator programs. She speaks French, English and Arabic.

Why are you at the Women’s Forum?

Monira Jamjoum: I’m here to talk to women from all around the world about a subject which matters a great deal to us Saudi women. And that’s the emancipation and education of women in Saudi Arabia.

What should each child learn at school?

Monira Jamjoum: There are two things that I think are very important: perseverance and compassion. They are vital to every member of the youth, to every woman and every child worldwide. The world is changing, and right now this is education’s priority.

Change is happening very quickly in Saudi Arabia. Is a generation gap in the making?

Monira Jamjoum: Change is indeed happening very quickly for us, for me too. I think that in 10 years, things have changed a great deal. I think that the young generation is truly very dynamic and they want to change the history of Saudi Arabia. They want to see a Saudi Arabia which partakes in the beautiful and positive things of the world.

If you read the Saudi Arabian Vision 2030, the first line says “the heart of the Arab and Islamic worlds”. So it is very important for us to remain strong, human and participative in the changes taking place around the world.