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Naziha Deriche: Job Seeking for Women

Women's power

As a women, how do you find a job in Saudi Arabia ? At 23 years old, Naziha Deriche is behind the creation of the first female-oriented job search engine in Saudi Arabia, named Alajnabia.

A Female LinkedIn

Despite this undeniable progress, which underscores a fundamental trend (Currently about 30% of workers in the Saudi private sector are women, as opposed to 12% in 2011), women’s access to the job market remains often somewhat an obstacle course, the first being the access to the job offers themselves.

Le site web Alajnabia.

The website of Alajnabia.

C’est face à ce constat qu’est né le projet de Naziha Deriche : un moteur de recherche d’emploi en ligne, publiant des offres ouvertes aux candidatures féminines.

Women are often marginalized, with job offers often limited to certain domains of expertise, such as education and healthcare. Moreover, the visibility of these jobs is rather diminished: job offers spread by word of mouth, and applicants with a recommendation are often favored.

Faced with this fact, Naziha Deriche’s project came to be: a job search engine dedicated to help women in their job search.

Alajnabia, the Foreigner

Naziha grew up in Saudi Arabia and is of Algerian descent. In 2016, with a group of young graduates, she wanted to strive for better backing for women on their path toward working, and toward independence.

The idea was inspired by seeing young females with excellent qualifications and experience come back from abroad, and be offered little to no opportunity to advance in their careers.
Naziha Deriche

And thus, was launched. The word Alajnabia means ‘The foreigner’ in the female form, and it is the first job search engine dedicated to women. The platform broadcasts job offers in every sector and skill: an invitation for women to reach new heights in their careers.

“The idea of women working in all fields is fairly new. Women outside of these fields [healthcare and education] have little room to explore their careers and find opportunities for growth,” she adds.

In the few short months post launch, the website’s traffic has constantly been on the rise, and a rising number of users.

Jobs and Independence

This initiative is one among many, public and private, aiming to facilitate access of women to the workplace in Saudi Arabia. Over the last six years, the country has witnessed a 130% hike in the number of women employed by the private sector, underlining a fundamental trend in Saudi society.

The Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development has put in place several measures alongside this move, within the Vision 2030 plan, to accompany women toward employment, and notably with respect to women’s issues of transport, and of childcare.