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Reem Bin Saddik: “The sky is the limit”

Women's power

Startup expert and marketing manager, Reem Bin Saddik was in Paris, accompanying a delegation of young Saudis visiting France, as she helped them capture ideas from around the globe in order to make them work back home.

What is the role of women in Saudi Arabia?

Reem Bin Saddik: It’s moving, it’s improving, it’s changing. Things are changing so fast, but we are coping.

How Saudi Arabia will be in 2030?

Reem Bin Saddik: 2030 is a big dream. Saudi youth, children, parents: everybody is part of 2030. And we are working so hard to achieve excellence, to achieve every expectation that the country is awaits from us.

Do you have a message for young Saudi girls ?

Reem Bin Saddik: The sky is the limit. Go everywhere, visit everywhere. Take all the thoughts from all over the world. Bring them back to Saudi.