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These Saudi Women Crossed Europe by Bicycle to Raise Awareness

Fatimah and Yasa Al Bloushi, along with Dina Al Nasser and Anoud Aljuraid © Instagram / HerRide Women's power

Fatimah and Yasa Al Bloushi, along with Dina Al Nasser and Anoud Aljuraid © Instagram / HerRide

The Global Biking Initiative European Tour kicked off at the beginning of this month: a course of many kilometers, which stretches over seven days. The tour also included almost 70 Saudi participants, who rode side-by-side with the pioneering HerRide team, and was a true turning point for Saudi cycling.

The first-ever Saudi women’s cycling race took place last April in Jeddah, giving Saudi women wings! With more than 70 Saudis participating in the Global Biking Initiative, the four Saudi women did not go unnoticed. And they aren’t stopping there; they hope to bring cycling to the entire Kingdom.

The first participation of Saudi female cyclists in Europe

Lasting seven days, the GBI is a sportive and charitable event in the world of international cycling. Leaving from Gothenburg, Sweden, the women traversed hundreds of kilometers on bicycle, crossing Denmark and finally arriving in Hamburg, Germany. This course allowed them to raise money for a variety of causes which promote sports all over the world. Launched in 2008, the GBI regularly organizes races across Europe, Asia, and Africa, and soon Saudi Arabia will root for the four members of the women’s HerRide team!

A pioneering team, closer than ever!

The team, made up of sisters Fatimah and Yasa Al Bloushi, along with Dina Al Nasser and Anoud Aljuraid, are pioneers of female cycling in the Kingdom. Their capitan, Fatimah Al Bloushi, had already participated in the course last year, and was the only female cyclist from Saudi Arabia. Elsewhere, she has broken other barriers, becoming the first female to be a member of the Saudi Federation of Cycling, as well as giving beginner’s riding lessons and bicycle excursions with other women, which she organizes twice a week on the Alkhobar coast.

• • . خلال ركوبنا الدراجات مع ٢٥ جنسية مختلفة، ١٦٪ منهم من المملكة العربية السعودية ، ٤ منهم سيدات سعوديات .. غمر الفريق شعور رائع كونه مصدر للإهام و التحفيز و التأثير ليس محليًا فقط ولكن عالميًا في هذه المبادرة العالمية المذهلة التي تجمع راكبي الدراجات من حول العالم للاستمتاع بالمناظر المذهلة والخوض بهذه التجربة الرائعة. . • • Cycling with 25 different nationalities 16% of them are Saudi Arabian, 4 of which are Saudi Arabian Women.. what an overwhelming feeling to inspire, motivate and make in impact not only locally but globally in this amazing global initiative that brings cyclists together from around the world to enjoy the amazing scenery and share the great experience. . ‎رحلتها #دراجه #فريق_دراجات #سيكل #هيرايد #تويتر #سنابشات #الجمعية_السعوديه_لمرض_ألزهايمر #ألزهايمر • • #HerrideCyclingTeam #Herride #Bicycle #CyclingTeam #LivingActive #SaudiArabia #Bicyclist #Sport #womenEmpowerment #BikeLife #CyclingLife #CyclingPhotos #CyclingTeam #GBI #Twitter #Snapchat #Alzheimer #Saudi_Alzheimers_Disease_Association

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These four Saudi stars, passionate for adventure, already dreamed to participate in this race, despite only being beginners just a few years ago. But they’re not content on staying there! Thanks to this experience, they were able to reinforce the bonds they’ve made among the team, and to improve their techniques with the help of competitors.

Opening the path to cycling in Saudi Arabia

Going strong from their enriching performance, they’ve returned to Saudi Arabia, with heads full of ideas on how to develop cycling across the whole Kingdom. Today, they would like to see infrastructure develop for cyclists, such as dedicated bike lanes, complete with suitable lighting and paving. They hope that their initiative well help to make cycling commonplace in the Kingdom, and they dream to one day see Saudis going to work by bicycle! In the meantime, they hope to round up more women to their Saudi group over the course of the next year!