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Saudi Arabia: First International Theater Opens With a Spectacular Program

The first Saudi theater opened on June 22 Yalla!

The first Saudi theater opened on June 22

The first Saudi theater opened on June 22 and entices the greatest musical, theatrical and art productions from around the world. At the heart of King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithraa) in Dhahran, the theater's mission is to offer the public a space where the cultural and creative wealth of the kingdom and the world can shine.

The very first theater in the Saudi kingdom, built according to Greek tradition, opens its doors this Saturday. It will allow the country to welcome the best musical, artistic, theatrical and cultural performances from the four corners of the kingdom and the planet. Its inauguration last Saturday at the end of Ramadan celebrations set the standards. The Mariinsky Orchestra has moved especially from Russia to perform here, and for the first time ever in a Gulf country, and to make the hall vibrate on pieces written by the greatest, from Tchaikovsky to Shostakovich, and even Prokofiev.

900 spots

The auditorium, inspired by the ancient prosceniums but very modern though, can accommodate 900 spectators. It is equipped with a removable stage where more than eighty musicians can play at the same time, as during symphonic concerts. Its ultra-modern layout adds to a program of the most enticing with shows of Japanese, Austrian, Russian, Indian, French and Moroccan origins, among others, for the next year alone. The theater has even planned to host in 2019 the very first piece devoted to the history of the Arab world.

Such a program obviously fulfills the multiple objectives of its Directorate. In addition to providing an attractive venue for the international audience and a scene of choice for artists from around the world, Ithraa wants to expand the cultural offer for Saudi audiences while providing a space for large-scale expression for its young talents and creators.