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You are invited to a private visit of the exhibition “Rêves d’Orient” by Claudia Cardinale

Until March 27, the exhibition "Dreams of the Orient" is held at the Château-Musée de Nemours, in the city of the same name, near Paris. Focusing on the orientalist artistic movement in the 19th century, during Napoleon Bonaparte's great Egyptian campaign, this exhibition presents paintings, books and graphic works representing the Middle East and the Maghreb at the time. This Sunday, January 16, an exclusive live immersion on Youtube is offered by the legendary Italian actress Claudia Cardinale.

“The East has become a general concern.” – Victor Hugo, preface to “Orientales” (1829) 

In the 19th century, Orientalism was at its peak: painters Etienne Dinet, Achille Varain or the famous Paul Klee and Kandinsky rushed to represent the landscapes and scenes of life in the Arab world of the time. From North Africa to Lebanon through Egypt and its ancient mysteries, Maghreb and the Middle East made European artists dream. 

It is precisely on this period, and on the artists who imagined a mythical Orient, that this exhibition focuses, presenting several works, mostly paintings, from public and private collections.  

A visit narrated by Claudia Cardinale 

This Sunday, January 16 at 11am, a virtual tour of the museum and the exhibition is offered live on YouTube, with a very special guest: the legendary actress Claudia Cardinale. This Italian actress has a special relationship with the Arab world, and in particular the Maghreb, since she was born and raised in Tunis. 

“On the other shores of the Mediterranean, the consistency of the air changes, it thickens, charged by its truth of the deserts” she says in the video teaser of her speech.

An ode to the region of the Arab world and a tribute to the artists who painted it, and which is written and narrated by Claudia Cardinale, live on this link, from Sunday at 11am.