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You can now shop on Instagram in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon

Instagram users can now shop without leaving the social network

Since 2017, Instagram has been offering shopping tags to its European and American users in particular, allowing them to make their purchases via the platform. Recently, Instagram announced that these features would be extended to instamers in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon.

Brace yourselves influencers and shoppers in the Middle East : shopping tags are coming to the MENA region. Recently, the Instagram platform announced to its users in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon that they could now use the Instagram shopping tags to buy items online. Purchase tags intended to facilitate the search and purchase of objects through the application.

Shopping in the region in one click

By navigating on their Instagram feed, users can see on publications with labeled products, a shopping cart icon representing these purchase tags. Each user can find more information about a product by clicking on the tag, which will then redirect it to the retailer’s website and make purchases without leaving the social network.

While these beacons are making their appearance on the Saudi, Emirates and Lebanese markets this year, they have continued to become increasingly popular since their launch in 2017.