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3 unusual (and free!) activities to do in Abu Dhabi

The Emirates are known for their sense of entertainment, luxury, and cutting-edge and unusual activities! While Dubai is the talk of the town, it's far from the only city in the Gulf country that offers many exceptional activities for tourists. The capital of the Emirates, Abu Dhabi, is also full of many secret and equally picturesque corners, which are, moreover,... free to discover! 

1. The green oasis of Al Ain

Looking for some green space during your stay in a country rather famous for its ochre-colored sand dunes? Discover the oasis of Al Ain, spread over 1200 hectares, and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011. It is the largest oasis in the Emirates: you can walk among 150,000 date, mango, fig and other fruit trees. Not to mention of course, endless palm trees!


2. The salt lakes 

In the heart of the Al Wathba nature reserve, these beautiful turquoise lakes offer an exceptional setting for an afternoon away from the city. And for good reason, they are not yet taken by storm by tourists, as their exact location is difficult to find. 

But guess what, we give you a hand, here are the exact coordinates on Google maps.



3. Jubail Mangrove Park

Well, we promised you free activities, this one costs only 15 Dhs, or 3 euros only. This mangrove park opened only two years ago, in one of the most preserved ecosystems in the Gulf region. Located on Jubail Island, only 20 minutes from the city center, you will find vegetation, mangroves of course, but also turtles, gazelles, flamingos and other animals…
And to learn more about this unique park in the world, treat yourself with the explanations of a guide, or a canoe ride among the mangroves.