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History & Heritage


48 hours in Jerusalem

A holy land for the three great monotheistic religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity), Jerusalem is a city of incomparable cultural wealth that attracts many tourists every year. If you are passing through for a weekend, here is a road map that you may find useful.

Jerusalem is a city with a glorious but tumultuous history. It is undoubtedly the city of the Middle East that most fascinates Western visitors, especially thanks to its sacred treasures that allow them to plunge into the history of peoples and religions. Every visit to Jerusalem is a journey through the centuries, a journey back to the time of the prophets. But not only that, because the nightlife also holds many surprises…



Culture for days

However, let’s start with the historical dimension. While passing through the city, there are several must-sees that should not be missed under any circumstances. The 2,000-year-old Wailing Wall is a symbol of the city. Located in the Jewish quarter of the historic center, it is a religious landmark.

Then, not to go to the Mount of Olives would be a real sacrilege. It is on this beautiful wooded hill, adorned with Christian monuments, that the Ascension of Jesus would have taken place, still celebrated in Western countries today. Take a detour to the Basilica of Gethsemane, which houses the altar where Jesus is said to have prayed. For those who like a breathtaking view, a path also leads to a viewpoint on the Temple Esplanade and the Dome of the Rock.



All religions represented

We continue the visit of places with a heavy symbolic and spiritual load with the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Located in the Christian quarter of the old city, it is a major place of pilgrimage, simply because it is the shrine where the crucifixion took place,
and the cave the place where the body of Christ was deposited, and therefore where he would have risen.

The Herodion, the Tower of David, the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are also must-see sites, but it may be difficult to do everything in 48 hours.


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A lively nightlife

Add a more festive note, however, which will be deliciously evident with the rest of the program and visit, at nightfall, the surprising district of Yehuda Mahane, where fancy restaurants and trendy bars coexist effortlessly with falafel and spicy kebabs stalls. There are tourists and local youth, often arm in arm tasting local beer. An ideal “relaxing” moment after a day of wandering around the city.


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Published on 2 September 2020