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5 Arab start-ups to follow

The Future Investment Initiative exhibition, which is currently taking place in Riyadh, provides an opportunity to review the experiences of five startups from the Arab world. In fact, thanks to a very young population and an economic environment favorable to entrepreneurship, it is developing a particularly dynamic eco-system of start-ups…


This Jordanian start-up could well be the one that will allow you to follow your favorite events in real-time, starting tomorrow, thanks to its live and on-demand 360° video streaming application. The company calls its product the “on-demand teleporter”, and for good reason, it’s as if you were there. Derived from virtual reality, the process allows both access to recorded videos, but also promises to allow the user to attend live events, whether they are sports events, master classes, etc.


This Egyptian international shipping start-up is based on the peer-to-peer system. Customers can use it to order their items and save money on shipping costs, while travelers can earn money when they travel by carrying their packages, which usually include clothing, make-up, mobile phones, and other personal items… An ability to kill two (or more) birds with one stone, the impact of which should also be felt on the environment, as transport professionals will be less in demand. To date, the company has almost 30,000 users…



It is impossible to talk about the start-up ecosystem of the Arab world without talking about fintech. This is a sector that represents the largest part (12%) of start-ups’ activity, in number of transactions over the year 2018, according to the Magnitt (the largest online startup platform across MENA) report. Sarwa was created with the aim of opening up the investment world to as many people as possible. The Emirati start-up combines innovative technology and human advice and aims to make investment easy, safe and affordable by offering its clients a simple and economical way to invest their income for long-term financial growth. A low minimum account, reasonable consulting fees, many state-of-the-art digital tools, are all criteria that make the startup and its co-founder and CEO, Mark Chahwan, successful.



This Jordanian company is positioning itself on the mobile games market, with great success. Having become the leading publisher on the MENA region market, the company explains its success by its ability to optimize the games in its repertoire in order to make them more culturally adapted to the target geographical area, thus enabling them to achieve better commercial results. The second point of expertise dear to the publisher, monetization. The company prides itself on being able to improve the monetization of a game up to twice, by advising on the prices of in-app packages and the use of the advertising network. A recipe that works because the firm claims to have placed 35 titles in the top 10 of game sales out of the… 35 it has published.



RiseUp is the start-up company for start-ups. It took a great deal of being attentive to the needs of the market, in a world with a flourishing innovative ecosystem. That’s why RiseUp has chosen to address its peers, rather than the end customer. Thus, the Egyptian platform aims to connect its sisters with different resources essential to the successful development of their activity: know-how, talent, financing, the market, media, tools, and inspiration. In addition, the company is behind the “RiseUpSummit”, a major Egyptian and international event of the startup nation, which takes place every year in downtown Cairo.

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Published on 30 October 2019

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